Serena Marin

Serena Marin is a bookseller at Cărtureşti Vitan. She's currently pursuing a Master's course in Film: theory and practice, and she previously completed a Bachelor degree in Film Studies & Creative Writing at the University of Essex. She also worked for the Student Support department at the same institution. Alongside her studies she worked as an intern for Mercury Theatre, Colchester, UK.

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Ana Niculescu_by Alex Gâlmeanu

Ana Niculescu is Communication and Public Relations Manager at Cărtureşti. She has been part of the Cărtureşti team since 2008, and since 2014 she has been coordinating the way in which the Cărtureşti brand has been interacting with partners and clients. She loves plant infusions with lemongrass, rosehip peels, wild strawberry leaves, mulberry and basil leaves. She reads non-fiction in the morning and poetry or novels in the evening.

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